Past Workshops (Please click the links below to see their details)

Wang, Ye, Christine (23th October , 2020): Relationships between pedagogical content knowledge and depth of reflection among preservice teachers in China: Preliminary results.

Kim, Jeehee (23th October , 2020): Policy on curriculum and instruction for English kindergartens in Korea: Private tutoring institutes policy and early childhood education and care policy.

Fu, Qingchen (20th November, 2020): The comparison of the implementation of compulsory education between public and private schools in Guiyang

Ho, Ka Man, Carman (20th November, 2020): Developing people capital under the Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme: A study of job satisfaction amongst kindergarten teachers in Hong Kong

Castro, Luisa Tan, Nadia (20th November, 2020): Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) for Ethnic Minorities (EM) in Hong Kong – Rethinking policy

Lee, Wang Sze, Thomas (18th December, 2020): Effective leaderships for Aided Secondary Schools in Hong Kong

Thieu, Thi Hoang Oanh (18th December, 2020): Enhancing university students' intercultural communication competence in English language education of Vietnam.

Adames, Anthony Robert (17th January, 2020): A focus on learning: Middle leader-led PLCs in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China (Mock Viva).

Yu, Jing (24th April, 2020): Social media and university students' civic experience of being "good citizens".

Wu, Xuan Yi Eliza (24th April, 2020): Dialogic learning of bilingual children: Experiences of constructing knowledge with peers and adults.

Kim, Jeehee (22nd May, 2020): English kindergartens in South Korea: Enacted policy on curriculum and instruction and its impact on children's learning and development.

Meruyert, Seidumanova (22nd May, 2020): Leading Kazakhstan's schools in times of crisis

Fong, Ka Man Yasmin (22nd May, 2020): Examining the impact of teaching practices on young children's visual and creative thinking: A Vygotskian perspective on the Hong Kong dilemma.

Wang, Lei (19th June, 2020): Literacy education of early readers in China: implications from home literacy environment.

Zhao, Yanmin (19th June, 2020): Using NVivo as a tool to code and to generate the theoretical framework.

Planning of the Term & Sharing of the current research (TBC)

Poudel, Prem Prasad (18th October, 2019): Reflection on data collection procedure: Methodological issues and decisions.

Li, Wanlu (18th October, 2019): Overview of degree seeking: Pitfalls and solutions.

Zhou, Quan (15th November, 2019): Exploration of identifying teacher competencies cultivated in pre-service ESL teacher education and their influence on early childhood English education Practice.

Zhou, Quan (15th November, 2019): Dialogic learning of bilingual children: Experiences of constructing knowledge with peers and adults.

Yu, Jing (15th November, 2019): Citizenship and citizenship education: an exploring study of shaping Chinese university students' civic perceptions in a global age.

Kim, Jeehee (15th November, 2019): Formation of an educational policy: International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) in South Korea.

Seidumanova, Meruyert (15th November, 2019): School leadership and educational equity for minorities and migrants in Kazakhstan.

Fong, Ka Man Yasmin (15th November, 2019): Examining the impact of teaching practices in promoting young children's imagination, creativity and aesthetic development through a Vygotskian perspective.

Planning of the Term & Sharing of the current research (TBC)

Baimaganbetova, Shynar (25th January, 2019): Per aspera ad astra: Navigating into prospective futures by Hong Kong and Kazakisthani disadvantaged youth through the aspirational maps.

Yu, Jiashun (Kartsion) (1st March, 2019): Full-day early childhood service provision and a care-education divide: The case of Hong Kong.

Li, Wanlu (10th May, 2019): Toward an eye to the future: the effects of teacher rotation and power level on future-oriented behavior.

Planning of the Term & Sharing of the current research (28th September, 2018)

Dr. Choi Tae Hee & Prof. Bob Lingard (University of Queensland) (23th October, 2018): FEHD Doctoral Student Workshop The keys to success in doctoral degree Seeking:

Tang, Jianjing (Janice) (30th November, 2018): Managing in the middle: A multi-level view of middle leaders' instructional leadership in China.

Zhang, Meng (Mona) (12th December, 2018): The process of instructional leadership operation in Chinese middle school: A distributed perspective.

Planning of the Term & Sharing of the current research (9th February, 2018)

Li, Wanlu (13th April, 2018): "Future time perspective and creativity: The role of regulatory focus"

Poudel, Prem Prasad (4th May, 2018): Implementation of medium of instruction policies in secondary schools and their potential impact in English language teacher education: A case of Nepal.

Wang, Mo (8th June, 2018): Perceptions and its influencing factors of teacher leadership in Early childhood education in China: A Mixed-methods study in Xiamen City.